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Succulent Show winners announced, New Houseplant Show announced

KUCHING: The winners of the Cactus and Succulent Show at La Promenade Mall have been announced.

Out of 99 participants, the winning piece went to number 87, a beautiful arrangement of cacti and succulents that has taken years of meticulous care.

“I’m so happy. I knew I had a strong entry, but still, to win out of so many, I’m very honoured,” Jong Tze Fong said. “I love gardening. It’s more than a past time for me, seeing them grow is very satisfying to me.”

Judges noted the winning entry contained a mix of slow-growing plants, different species and presented within an impressive circular vase.

Second place went to Nicholas Boon, one of the largest plants entered for the show, with an artistically arranged preserved tree.

Entry 70 by Loh Hua Nang won third place. Nicknamed the turtle, it was one of the public’s favourite, receiving a large amount of public votes.

Commendation prizes went to Andress Lantuk, Chang Siew Lin, Jong Li Ting, Sow Qian Kok and Keagan Chang.

The results and prizes were announced at La Promenade Mall in a Safe Operating Procedure ceremony. It was also live broadcasted over the mall’s Facebook page.

Judges for the competition included Hock Seng Lee executive director Simon Lau, landscape department head Leslie Lim, Tropoxcape Design principal Johnny Then and My City Landscaping managing director Sow Qian Siong.

“We’ve been delighted by public enthusiasm for this Cactus & Succulent Show. To be really honest, we expected around 20 entries. Who knew we would get 99? Vendors also reported brisk sales, especially in the last few days,” said Shirley Loo from HSL corporate communications.

“We’re happy to announce the mall is extending the popular event with a ‘Garden Show @ La Promenade’, May 2-31. There will be plenty of booths selling plants, gardening books, new and preloved, on the mall’s ground floor.”

1st - Jong Tze Fong - No87

2nd - Nicholas Boon - No3

3rd - Loh Hua Nang - No70

For more info, call 013 836 5566 or search @lapromenademall on social media. Info also at and @hslcn.


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