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#HuatsUpLaPromenade Competition Results

#HuatsUpLaPromenade photo competition for La Promenade Mall ended on 28 February with plenty of beautifully shot entries. We had a hard time choosing, but we finally have the results. Congratulations to all winners!

1st place – Siew Thiam Lok

This photo won our heart at first sight. The scenery, the beautiful children and our tang lung background just looks so ethereal. So so beautiful.

2nd – Ibanez Jefferey Guang

We looked through the photos and it was hard to look away from this one. The blurred background emphasized the model’s beautiful features. Good job to the photographer for this great shot!

3rd – ahyieng & JEn LAu

Between these two photos, there’s one reason why we decided to put both as a tie; emotions.

Left photo executes happiness, we truly love seeing how happy she is, and on the right just reminds us that old love is just as sweet as new.

Consolation – Here are the consolation winners that we decided, all of them are just so bright, happy and creative.


Jane Fan

Josen Ho


Nana Akai

Delia Su

AhSuan Cia

For more info, call 013 836 5566 or search @lapromenademall on social media. Info also at and @hslcn.


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