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Hoan Gallery's New Art Show Opens to Large Crowds

KUCHING: Hoan Gallery’s new art show, “Dialogue With Our Nature” with over 50 oil paintings by the

masterful Bong Choo Chew, launched to large crowds on Saturday at La Promenade Mall here.

A who’s who of Kuching’s artists and art lovers turned up on opening day.

They included a childhood friend of Bong, Datuk Sebastian Ting, the Deputy Tourism, Creative Industry and

Performing Arts Minister, who came early at 9am.

“Ting came twice on Saturday. First, to see the artworks before the gallery even opened at 9.30pm, and then

he came back at 4pm for the official opening,” said a clearly emotional Bong, 70.

“I was incredibly touched by the deputy minister’s gesture. I’ve known him for a long time. His support

means a lot to me.”

Other guests included Sarawak Artists Society members, captains of industries and social media


Dialogue With Our Nature is Hoan Gallery’s second solo art show of 2023. The gallery had just closed the

highly successful “Colours of the Highlands” by Alena Murang.

Gallery director Hoan Kee Huang said:

“Bong has been painting for more than 50 years. This show contains about 30 years of work. We’re focusing

only on his oil paintings, which he started painting in the early 1990s.

“His oil paints can be divided into three phases — realism, semi-abstract and abstract — and Bong has

categorised them into eight ‘series’, from Harmony to Zen and Kampung-scapes.”

Dialogue With Our Nature aims to demonstrate Bong’s wide abilities and his deep, contemplative artistry.

“There is a very nice progression that visitors will be able to see. His paintings begin with streetscapes to

natural landscapes. From what he sees at the markets to what he feels in his heart and mind,” Hoan added.

Hoan, an artist himself, said he could not help but feel emotional when setting up the solo show with Bong.

“There’s also real beauty in some of these pieces. The ‘Harmony’ series of paintings are particularly


The show is open from May 13 until 31. Entry is free and all artworks are for sale.

Bong, commemorating his 70th birthday this year, has pledged to donate 70% to seven charities in Lundu

(where he grew up), Sri Aman, Samarahan and Kuching.

For more info, visit, search @hoangallery.


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