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Comedian Mad Sabah crowns Sarawak his 'Best Audience' so far

The audience loved the great set performed by Mad Sabah in the stand-up comedy show, ‘Ndak Logik’ held at La Promenade Mall / HSL Tower last Friday, July 29. The show started on a good note with a full house. The following are media highlights of Mad Sabah’s show, which was the first in Sarawak since the pandemic:

DayakDaily, July 30

Sabahan comedian Mad Sabah, whose real name is Achmed Rusli, has named Sarawak his best audience after performing a stand-up comedy show in conjunction with his ‘Ndak Logik – National Tour’ at the La Promenade Mall here last night (July 29).

“My intention is to entertain the audience and make them laugh, and at the same time, I try to insert issues that are close to the people as the content of my comedy,” he added.

New Sarawak Tribune, August 1

Mad Sabah was happy with the reception he got during his tour, saying his audience was insanely supportive.

“Because some of the stories I told, they could instantly relate to. I feel they can feel what I feel, so I believe that was the reason why they were entertained by my jokes. Thankful for that,” he said.

“Kuching will definitely be one of the places I’ll be coming to on my next tour,” he said.

See Hua Daily, July 30

“Ndak Logik”是国内冠病大流行后首批脱口秀之一。在大流行之前,“Mad Sabah”声名一直在稳定鹊起。他之前的两次巡演:“Crazy Poor Asian”和“Super Sabah”,门票均一售而空。

Next up, Kavin Jay will perform the Kuching leg of his “I’m Sorry I Shouted” tour on September 2 (Friday). The show will be held at La Promenade Mall / HSL Tower once again with the same ticket price. Pre-show dinner will also be available in the mall.

Get your tickets today from the link below:

Or purchase them at La Promenade Black Bean Coffee & Tea. Only 200 seats available.


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