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Abstract 2022 Art Show

KUCHING: Hoan Gallery at La Promenade Mall is collaborating with 6 local artists to organise the first Abstract Art show in Kuching since 20 years ago.

MID MAY: “A Different Art Show” begins mid May at La Promenade Mall. About 30 artworks will be featured. The theme is Abstract.

Beginning May 14 until June 5, the Abstract Art show will be held at the new mall’s ground floor.

The show will comprise 33 unique pieces by six local artists, young and old.

“It is my great honour to co-organise this show at the mall. The artists and I have been talking about and preparing for this show for months,” Hoan Gallery owner Hoan Kee Huang said.

“All artworks will be new and never seen before. It is rare to have an abstract art show in Sarawak. Abstract art is still new here but it is gaining popularity. ABSTRACT 2022 will be something really different for the public to experience.”

ABSTRACT: Artist David Chew and his latest work, which is on display at La Promenade Mall's Hoan Gallery.

SAS’s newly elected president David Chew and Vice President Sebastian Jong are among artists featured, plus Sheila Kho, Joanne Lau, Michelle Liou and Jane Ling.

“I consider my art in the style of abstract expressionism. In my childhood, I was trained in impressionism, and since 2000, I’ve been doing abstracts,” said Chew, who is also a member of the Malaysia National Visual Arts Gallery.

“I use water colours, oil paints and acrylic paints. I especially like huge canvases.”

The six artists mentioned are members of the Malaysia Visual Art Gallery. More recently, they were invited participant of the Sarawak Library’s 2021 Art Show.

All art on display at La Promenade Mall will be for sale. They range from a few hundred ringgit to thousands.

Chew and Jong will conduct two art classes for the public. Chew will present the first class on May 21, 2pm-4pm, which is a workshop titled ‘Self-Actualisation Via Art Jamming’.

“This class is suitable for those with or without painting skills,” Chew said.

Jong who is also an realism artist, started his new journey in abstract art after he discovered the uniqueness of pouring art. He will conduct the second demo and class, ‘Pouring Art Experience with Sebastian’, on May 22, 2pm-4pm.

VICE PRESIDENT: Sarawak Artists Society Vice President Sebastian Jong is co-organiser of the event. Jong will also be conducting the classes at the mall. Tickets are priced at RM50 each.

Both classes are priced at RM50 each.

La Promenade Mall is located along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway. It opened in early 2021, and has a ‘Support Sarawak’ tenancy policy. Almost all shops are local brand names, from NOMS to Black Bean Coffee and Tea, from Hock King Authentic Chicken Rice to Zoro by Domus.

Hoan Gallery, on level three, is featuring an exhibition called ‘Rebirth — Sarawak is Art, Past & Present’.

The mall is the first in Sarawak to be Green Building Index certified, an accreditation it shares with the adjoining office building, HSL Tower.

NEW: La Promenade Mall is located along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

For more info, search @hslcn and @lapromenademall on Facebook and Instagram.


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