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Rice King to open at La Promenade Mall

KUCHING: Home grown Taiwanese eatery, Rice King, is opening its second outlet at La Promenade Mall, a new community mall inside Hock Seng Lee (HSL) headquarters, in mid November.

Rice King will be among the first food outlets at the 10-storey complex along Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

It will occupy 1,400sqft of ground floor space, facing Choice Supermarket on the inside, and will have an alfresco dining area.

Restaurant proprietor Peter Chieng said Rice King at La Promenade would feature new menu items.

Chieng founded Rice King in February this year, launching the highly successful franchise at Saradise. Rice King is a premium brand in collaboration with Taiwanese food experts, he said.

“It took us about a year to create the first Rice King. It is a Malaysian brand created with Taiwanese partners, who have their own family-run franchises. MCO or not, we are still able to develop tasty menu items through Zoom,” Chieng said.

“The Taiwan experts can still teach, demonstrate and discuss ideas with us. It’s been an interesting and rewarding experience for everyone.

Opening at La Promenade is our objective this year, so we kept working towards this goal. I really believe, not only will the food taste good, but the dining environment will be beautiful too.”

Rice King at La Promenade is set inside a tastefully simple interior with colours and materials evoking ‘Bian Dang’ — traditional Taiwanese bento boxes. These ‘Bian Dang’ originated from the nation’s train stations. Popular dishes include fried pork chops, pork belly, fried chicken, pepper salt chicken and soups.

The restaurant, although situated in a spacious lot, will cater only to about 50 people at any one time.

“We want people to come, enjoy their meals and leave feeling better. This is one reason why we chose to open at La Promenade because it is an upmarket, lifestyle destination. I like the landscaping here. Combined with our food, you get a really unique product,” Chieng said.

HSL leasing manager Trish Lui said La Promenade Mall’s ground floor would be occupied by anchor tenant Choice Supermarket and a row of restaurants, all of which would enjoy high visibility from the busy expressway.

“We’re proud of our Sarawakian entrepreneurs, and when we can, we prefer to support local. At our mall’s dining area on level one, 100% of tenants are local. Some have been in the food scene for over a decade; some tenants are young talented business developers,” Lui said.

“Besides Rice King, we’re going to have great chicken rice, burgers, coffee bars and local snacks. It’s an exciting mix for La Promenade Mall,” Lui said.

The mall is part of HSL Tower, which is the first commercial development within the 200-acre La Promenade.

HSL Tower is the multi-disciplinary construction specialist’s new Green Building Index certified HQ.

For more info, call 013 836 5566 or search @lapromenademall on social media. Info also at and @hslcn.


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