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Maybank & HSL to offer 120% margin Home+Reno loan programme for Samariang Aman 3

Hock Seng Lee (HSL) and Maybank announced their collaboration during a press conference held last Monday.


Thanks to Maybank's additional financial support, the aspirations of homeowners to own their own homes have been elevated.


The Home+Reno loan, offering a 120% margin, is available to all SA3, including those residing in the initial block of 638 units.


Abang Jamili Abang Julai, the regional director of Maybank Sarawak, joined representatives from HSL at the press conference.

Here are media highlights:


TVS, March 18

Maybank dan Hock Seng Lee (HSL) mengumumkan kerjasama mereka dengan menawarkan penyelesaian secara menyeluruh kepada pembeli untuk memiliki rmah menerusi pembiayaan rumah dan perbelanjaan reka bentuk dalaman (Home+Reno) bagi perumahan Samariang Aman 3



New Sarawak Tribune, March 18

Sarawak Maybank regional director Abang Jamili Abang Julai said their partnership with award-winning developer such as HSL for the SA3 exemplifies Maybank’s commitment to provide a complete and holistic home ownership ecosystem for our customers.




The Borneo Post, March 19

This financing structure allows for a 120 per cent margin, making it more convenient for homebuyers to move into their new properties with the added financial resources.




DayakDaily, March 18

According to HSL senior property development manager Tay Chiok Kee, the 120 per cent programme is for all of SA3, including the first block of 638 units.



Suara Sarawak, March 18

Untuk rekod, Maybank MyDeco Financing membenarkan pembeli rumah tambahan pembiayaan 30 peratus atas pembiayaan Maybank/Maybank Islamic Home sedia ada, tertakluk kepada RM250,000 bagi setiap kemudahan.



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