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Indah House at HSL Tower

KUCHING: Hock Seng Lee is proud to announce Indah House, the top-rated Trip Advisor restaurant in Kuching, as the operator of HSL Tower’s staff cafeteria.

The cafe on level five of the new HSL Tower serves a rotating menu of affordable but delicious treats every working day to a staff of hundreds.

Since September, Indah House has been serving freshly cooked meals and offering kopitiam-style drinks at the cafe. It is operating according to HSL’s Safe Operating Procedures, which include staggered lunch hours to reduce congestion.

Currently, Indah House @ HSL only cater to staff and their guests, but it will be opened soon to the public. HSL says this will be timed with the official opening of its adjoining La Promenade Mall.

HSL chose Indah as the proprietors Colin Ong, Trudy Tan and Ariff Arbi demonstrated a socially conscious business model.

Indah is known for its emphasis on local food, friendly staff and eco-friendliness. In its early years, Indah House was notable for offering workshop space to a number of Sarawakian artists like painter Narong Daun and jewellery makers Left&Right.

“Indah House is one of those rare businesses popular with both locals and tourists. Locals know Indah for its tasty nasi lemak, ayam berempah, masak merah and great vegetarian options. Foreigners know Indah because of its top ranking on Trip Advisor and a glowing review in The Lonely Planet,” HSL senior corporate communications manager Jennifer Tang said.

“We cannot be more proud to have Indah House as our cafeteria operator. Good food makes us all happy,” Tang said.

Ariff said Indah was impressed with the space offered for the cafeteria, which features a large landscaped terrace fronting La Promenade’s gated residences.

“It’s not common that a staff canteen comes with a sky garden! The garden at this HSL canteen is really nice. We are told there are 50 species of plants in and around HSL Tower. Landscaping is always an added bonus for eating places. It adds to the good view and the garden also has sitting areas for people to hang out. Operationally, the canteen’s kitchen is very well equipped,” Ariff said.

Fitting-out works are ongoing at the staff cafe. The space when opened top public would have a combination of long tables for communal style dining, round tables for smaller groups and a semi-sectioned off quiet dining area.

HSL Tower opened on July 20. The 10-storey complex is the first privately built Green Building Index office in Sarawak.

While HSL occupies the top five floors, office suites on level four are open for public leasing, and La Promenade Mall is on levels one to three.

HSL is promising an exciting line-up of food and beverage outlets on the mall’s ground floor when it opens.

For more info, call 013 836 5566 or search @lapromenademall on social media. Info also at and @hslcn. Or visit


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