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The First Oktoberfest at La Promenade

KUCHING: La Promenade Mall is organising its first Oktoberfest, starting Sept 16, with focus on food and drinks, plus special emphasis on live music every Fri-Sat.

FESTIVAL: La Promenade Mall’s Oktoberfest begins Sept 16, with emphasis on live music.

There will be over a dozen food vendors, anchored by three beverages tenants, and Sarawak’s best-known band, At Adau, is headlining the festival.

HEADLINE: At Adau will headline the festival, playing two nights on Sept 16 and Oct 1.

La Promenade Mall is promising a family friendly event.

“La Promenade Mall is, first and foremost, a community space for all. In planning Oktoberfest, we placed special emphasis on live music.

“We’re also ensuring the mall’s food tenants including Sugarbun, NOMS and Taka are part of the event,” digital marketing manager Sophia Ong said.

Chef Achang Libat, who is co-organiser of the recent and highly successful Dine With Art at Hoan Gallery, is taking part too.

“Achang is doing no-pork and no-lard meals. As usual, Chef Achang wants his food to reach the widest possible audience. Local dessert favourite Cloud 99 has also just signed up.”

DINE WITH ART: Chef Achang Libat, freshly off his old out food art event, is part of Oktoberfest. He is doing no pork, no lard dishes.

Other food stalls include a pop-up stall by Chinese restaurant Foo Man Ting, Rume Dining and GE Sausage.

Carlsberg Marketing, Heineken Marketing and Elegantly Red are participating drinks stalls.

Both alcoholic and zero-alcohol beers and ciders will be sold. Brands like Heineken are campaigning for “Drink Responsibly” at events like Oktoberfest the world over and major sporting events including Formula One.

Black Bean Coffee & Tea, and Zoro, will offer special menus for the duration of La Promenade’s Oktoberfest until October 9. “Black Bean will have new cakes and treats, while Zoro’s new items are Tex-Mex inspired — I can’t wait for their tacos,” Ong said.

At Adau is the lead band, performing for two nights at La Promenade Mall’s event. The band — which has been the highlight at Rainforest World Music Festival for five years now — is performing on Sept 16 and Oct 1.

“Oct 1’s performance will be special. We’re selling tickets at RM79 each. At Adau will play a full set of their greatest hits and offer a preview of their new album,” Ong said.

Other bands include OnString (Sept 23-24), Mozaik (Sept 16, 17 and 30) and more.

RUN: Sweat Factory is organising a Beer Mile on Oct 2 of the festival.

The mall’s fitness centre, Sweat Factory, is organising a “Beer Mile Run” on Oct 2.

La Promenade Mall, which is located at the midway of Kuching and Samarahan, is in the midst of a packed year-end calendar of events.

It recently launched a Monthly Pay Day Weekend Bazaar, Weekly Night Runs every Sat, stand-up comedy shows (Kavin Jay on Sept 2), coffee classes and gastronomy specials like Dine With Art.

Ong said there would also be an art exhibition end of this year, alongside a Hock Seng Lee Property Festival.

“Given the success of the recent La Promenade Fitness Weekend in May, we’re planning another run. This time it will be specially targeted at families, and timed to coincide with school holiday.

“The more community events we do, the more convinced we are that we should do more. Most of our events since early 2022 like the Bonsai championship have been well attended.”

LOCATION: La Promenade Mall is located at the midway between Kuching and Samarahan. Facilities like parking and electric car charging are both free.

For details and updates, search @hslcn and @lapromenademall on Facebook and Instagram.


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