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La Promenade Mall Welcomes an Exciting 'Street of the Street' community event


La Promenade Mall Welcomes an Exciting 'Street of the Street' Community Event

KUCHING: Hock Seng Lee (HSL) is thrilled to be the venue hosting the Street of the Street 2023 event, a fusion of basketball, auto show, and car drift.

Over the weekend, La Promenade Mall transformed into a haven for sports and automobile enthusiasts, showcasing a unique blend of skills, speed, and adrenaline.

Over 1,000 people came, excited to enjoy the lively ambiance and explore the attractions at the HSL mall, which is along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

Street of the Street is a collaboration with FL Motorsport and Basketball Club.

Basketball star Tan Wing Jet was an invited star. The Malaysian, who is a former China national basketball player, met with adoring fans and performed in a showcase.

Crowds experienced the thrill of basketball matches with top-notch players showcasing their skills on the court.

For motor enthusiasts, visitors were welcomed to take rides in a “drift taxi” around sharp turns with precision and speed.

“This exceptional opportunity offers everyone the chance to delight in and discover new activities that may be unfamiliar to them” organiser Andy Chong said.

“Car drifting is an amazing sport. It takes a lot of skills and patience to drift a car. Making it look spectacular and safe is not easy. I’m glad this genre of motorsport is developing so quickly among Sarawakians.”

At the car show, sleek and stunning vehicles from various manufacturers on display were also a highlight of the weekend event.

Since opening in 2020, HSL has positioned La Promenade Mall as a community mall. It has hosted art shows, Oktoberfest, charity events and even Government town halls.

The mall, which is known for landscaping, also hosts a series of fitness events, like a year-end School Holiday Night Run, and free twice-a-month functional fitness plus 3km or 6km community runs.

For more info, visit or search @lapromenademall.


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