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La Promenade Mall gains a gym

KUCHING: Hock Seng Lee (HSL) today announced its second large anchor tenant for La Promenade Mall, a functional fitness centre that will occupy 5,000sqft of corner lot space.

Called ‘Sweat Factory’, the gym will be instructor focused, offering group classes, personal training and tailored goal setting.

Located in a highly-stylised corner lot on level four, the gym boasts views of both sunrises and sunsets from the Green Building Index certified complex.

Sweat Factory joins Choice Supermarket as one of the anchor tenants at the new mall, which is along Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

“In the last decade, the quality of gyms and the perception of what a gym is has gone through a revolution. Gyms used to be a place for bodybuilders and hardcore enthusiasts, whereas fitness centres of today have become social places for health,” Sweat Factory proprietor Richard Yu said.

“People don’t go to gyms for just machines only, people want a variety of experiences and classes. People want guidance. Fitness has evolved beyond intimidating machines and repetitive workouts,” said the engineer turned fitness enthusiast.

Sweat Factory’s aim is for exercise to be accessible to more people, spanning a wider range from novices to experts.

“Functional fitness can be as simple as training muscles for daily tasks and good posture, or it can be high-intensity workouts. Functional fitness centres have a range of workout stations for different combinations of exercises,” Yu said.

HSL property development general manager Tay Chiok Kee said the addition of Sweat Factory was inline with the La Promenade Mall’s services-oriented goal.

La Promenade Mall, he said, aimed to be a community hub rather than just retail spaces.

“E-commerce is the new norm. There’s no denying e-commerce offers all of us the biggest range of products with door-stop convenience. New malls like La Promenade must strive to be community centric for long-term success.

“We need to offer services people cannot get online. Gyms, food and beverage, and banking are services you can get at La Promenade Mall,” Tay said.

HSL’s mall occupies the lower four levels of the 10-storey HSL Tower.

“As part of the community focus, we have also set aside lots for charities. We have offered a select group of NGOs space for workshops, offices and storefronts,” Tay added.

The Community Based Rehabilitation Centre will be a tenant at the mall. HSL also subsidises rental for Hope Place’s new second-hand thrift store at Eden Centre along the Pan Borneo Highway.

La Promenade Mall is a lease-only mall. It is the first completed development within La Promenade’s 40acre commercial zone, which fronts the 160acre gated community — Sarawak’s largest.

For more info, call 013 836 5566 or search @lapromenademall on social media. Info also at and @hslcn.

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