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HSL announces 'AIR - Building With Nature' architecture competition

Hock Seng Lee (HSL) has announced its second national architectural competition, after “Langit” in 2021, jointly organised with the Malaysian Architecture Institute (PAM).


The new competition called ‘AIR – Building With Nature’ involves a 13-acre land between Kuching International Airport and Saradise.


PAM and HSL are seeking the best master plan ideas.

Here are the media highlights:

Borneo Post, June 9

The competition offers cash prizes totaling RM245,000, with a top prize of RM120,000, second prize of RM60,000, third prize of RM30,000 and seven consolation prizes of RM5,000 each.


DayakDaily, June 8

HSL is the landowner and competition promoter, while PAM is the organizer. The competition is open to PAM members nationwide.


Utusan Borneo, June 8

Sama seperti Langit, pertandingan itu akan dikendalikan secara profesional dengan penilaian yang dibuat semata-mata berdasarkan merit.


New Sarawak Tribune, June 9

“The success of any project starts with a good idea. HSL wants to have more open competitions because we believe in the value of good ideas. Competitions are progressive in nature and among the best ways to uncover new talent,” HSL managing director Datuk Paul Yu Chee Hoe said.

Sin Chew Daily, June 9


See Hua Daily, June 9

余志和说,之所以选择‘AIR’这个名字, 是因为它代表着‘我们头顶的空气’, 而且在马来语中,‘air’的意思是水,代表流经该片土地的河流。



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