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Dozen concept-stores-in one by Siong How Exclusive at La Promenade Mall

Siong How Exclusive opens its 14th outlet at La Promenade Mall, featuring a nearly a dozen concept stores in a spacious 12,000 square feet retail space.

This flagship store showcases renowned brands like Electrolux, Haier, LG, and Samsung, alongside concept stores from Beko, Alpha, Joven, KDK, Mitsubishi Electric, Morgan, Panasonic, and Butterfly.

Since its establishment in 2005, Siong How Electrical & Electronic has grown steadily, solidifying its position as one of Sarawak's top electrical chain stores.

Here are the media highlights:

DayakDaily, 11 July

The first Siong How Exclusive, comprising almost a dozen concept stores within a large retail outlet, has opened at La Promenade Mall, along the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway.

Utusan Borneo, 11 July

Pengarah Urusan Siong How Lo Kok How berkata, pihaknya berbangga kerana kedai eksklusif pertama Siong How sudah dibuka dan beroperasi semalam. “Kami begitu bangga pada hari ini kerana kedai eksklusif pertama kami sudah dibuka dan beroperasi. Terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada La Promenade Mall dan Hock Seng Lee (HSL) yang sentiasa memberikan sokongan,” katanya dalam kenyataan.

New Sarawak Tribune, 12 July

In addition to these popular brands, the store also features other concept sections such as Beko, Alpha, Joven, KDK, Mitsubishi Electric, Morgan, Panasonic and Butterfly. Siong How managing director, Lo Kok How, stated that they have worked collaboratively to create a unique shopping experience that suits the upscale nature of La Promenade as a gated community.

Sin Chew Daily, 12 July

雄豪专卖店将进行诸多促销活动, 其中包括主要品牌的新产品发布,以及新张折扣及特别优惠。


See Hua Daily, 12 July

提供优质服务的零售店,依然是一个成功的模式,提供了产品试用等好处。 当您可以与专业的销售及服务员直接交流时,要做出购买哪个空调,哪种电视尺寸,尝试新功能等决定时,会更加轻松及毫无压力。这就是为什么包括苹果在内的许多科技品牌,坚持拥有实体店的原因。罗国豪说


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