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New Malaysian Restaurant opens at La Promenade Mall

KUCHING: Terrace, a new Malaysian casual dining restaurant, has opened at La Promenade Mall, starting today, 8am - 9.30pm, serving delicious local delights from Malay to Indian cuisine.

OPEN NOW: Discover the flavours of Malaysia at Terrace, our new casual dining spot in La Promenade Mall.

A tight-knit kitchen crew is the heart of the restaurant. They included Head Chef Timothy Yong, an industry veteran who has 18 years’ experience at Singapore Airport Terminal Services (Sats).

He leads a multi-racial crew, including sous chef Lenny Aman and baker Weena Ericha, who bring them experiences from the local food and beverage scene.

Terrace is part of Hock Seng Lee (HSL) stable of eateries, which includes Foo Man Ting, La Promenade Black Bean Coffee & Tea, Shang Pot and the upcoming Iced bar.

Terrace, which is on the mall’s ground floor in a tastefully designed corner unit, began as HSL Tower’s staff canteen on level five.

“I joined HSL earlier this year because I love cooking good quality, affordable, meals in a hygienic environment for as many people as possible. I really loved the idea of being part of the HSL’s canteen, which serves the construction company’s staff, as well as their families, and workers of La Promenade tenants,” Chef Timothy said.

“By mid-year, we decided to open Terrace to the public on the ground floor. We are taking some of the canteen’s best and upgrading them for public consumption. My aim remains the same: tasty, high-quality food, prepared in a hygienic environment, served affordably.”

Signature dishes include Nasi Biryani with beef, chicken curry or fried fish, Long Beans Stir-fry with Tempeh, Fried Spiced Mackerel – not forgetting local favourites like Nasi Goreng Kampung, and varieties of wok-fried noodles and kueh tiaw.

EMBLEMATIC: Signature dishes include Nasi Biryani, Long Beans Stir-fry with Tempeh, Fried Spiced Mackerel, Nasi Goreng Kampung, and a variety of wok-fried noodles.

“Everything we cook is made from scratch. We continue to use the central kitchen at HSL Tower’s level five for prep, but we’ve also built an amazing new kitchen within the new Terrace. We’ve expanded the kitchen crew with good people, whom I’ve hand-picked, and they are doing their best dishes,” Yong added.

Prices are reasonable, with Classic Nasi Lemak starting from RM8.9, Claypot Curry Vegetables for RM10, and add-ons like Egg Sambal at RM3.5. Breakfast of Kaya Toast, Soft Boiled Eggs are from just RM2.5.

Drinks include everything from Teh-O to desserts like Bandung Grass Jelly.

“We are incredibly proud to bring Terrace to the public,” said HSL’s corporate communications manager Jennifer Tang.

“What started as a food hall for staff has gradually grown to include their family and friends. After La Promenade mall opened, we opened the canteen to tenants’ workers, and finally, now we’ve created a new restaurant for the public.”

Terrace is open daily. There are a variety of ways to order including apps, counter ordering, and paper lists. It has dine-in and takeaway.

YONG: We prepare everything from scratch, using both the central kitchen at HSL Tower's level five and a new kitchen in the Terrace.

TERRACE: Terrace, under Hock Seng Lee (HSL), serves diverse local delights from Malay to Indian cuisine.

Parking at La Promenade Mall remains free. Other popular eateries at the mall along the busy Kuching-Samarahan Expressway include Authentic Chicken Rice, Zoro by Domus Group, SugarBun and NOMS.

Besides Iced bar, also opening soon is K11 Karaoke on L2.

For more info, visit and, or follow @lapromenademall on social media.


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